Public Relations

We provide outreach strategy and execution, press release development, pitching, media kits, and work with a number of industry agents looking for talent.

For content to be ‘clickable’ and attention-grabbing your story must be told in the right way to get those eyeballs and click. If branding that increases engagement is your goal, trust your content to a member of the media.

Journalists tell stories that invoke people to act, purchase, follow, and subscribe.

Generating consistent content written to earn trust makes the interactions you have with a potential booking agent, a promoter, and fans impactful. Your message creates action and doesn’t fall flat.

Often the person who could tip mass support for your music and brand is a mere degree or two of separation away.

Social media has made storytelling more essential. On par with hiring the right guitarist, singer, and drummer for your band, an experienced journalist creates content that is connecting, SEO, responsive, and competitive.

Press Releases

The benefit of being in media for over 40 years is a strong network to get your news out. As a freelancer, I also was at the same time forging a successful corporate career in business, film finance, and the investment industry.

I have an organic network that reaches radio stations, print, and digital media, social influencers, and mid to high traffic bloggers. My reach is throughout Canada and the United States.