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Shay D is a media professional and creative A&R management consultant who inspires and empowers artists to create business models that go global. These projects ignite actual results. Shay owns and operates thebuzzr media, thebuzzr podcasts, and WOBZ Music. The companies support independent artists of all genres, from around the globe. WOBZ Music (What’s Our Buzz?) began in 2020 as part of thebuzzr media. Shay is dynamic and creative, hosts a syndicated radio show, is a songwriter, and writer as well as an active curator for many indie platforms.

thebuzzr | music trivia | the week coming up

thebuzzr Independent Music Coverage Music Trivia the week coming up in music #RIP #jamesdean #nirvana #tompettyandtheheartbreakers #lastconcert #rockyhorrorpictureshow #meatloaf #metallica #RIP #cliffburton #garthbrooks #billboardcharts #merlehaggard #thebeachboys September 24, 1991 Nirvana’s breakthrough album Nevermind is released. September 25, 2017 At the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers play their last concert, as…

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The Great Leslie ‘All Good Things’

thebuzzr Independent Music Coverage Release Date: 23/09/22 Location: London, United Kingdom The Great Leslie ‘All Good Things’ About the Song All Good Things’ defines life as a state of constant change, making life and change synonymous with each other, solidifying life’s finality. It is a helping hand to those who are bereft of their past…

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The Silver Lines ‘Hotel Room’

thebuzzr Independent Music Coverage Release Date: 22/09/22 Location: United Kingdom, Birmingham The Silver Lines ‘Hotel Room’ About the Band We’re a Birmingham based indie/punk band, called The Silver Lines. We’ve been played on Radio 1/6/X including being the X-Posure Hot One twice. We’ve consistently sold out our headline gigs, and we’ve just come back from…

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Los Sindes ‘Sonicos’

thebuzzr Independent Music Coverage Release Date: 21/09/22 Location: United States, Sacramento Los Sindes ‘Sonicos’ Genres ALT ROCK LATIN ROCK GARAGE ROCK US BASED  Artist Socials Spotify Youtube Instagram

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Robbie Rapids ‘Jasmine Girl’

thebuzzr Independent Music Coverage 18/09/22 Location: United States, Atlanta, GA Robbie Rapids ‘Jasmine Girl’ About the Song Song about two opposite people failing to compromise and breaking up. Robbie was “lost without his Jasmine Girl”. Robbie Rapids Genres ALT ROCK POP POWER POP US BASED Artist Socials Facebook-f Twitter Spotify Soundcloud Youtube Instagram

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