About Us

I am a freelance journalist. I specialize in generating content that will stimulate traffic, that leads readers and breaks out on social media.

With over 40 years in freelance writing, marketing, and media, I  recognize how to brand through content.

I help people get things done with words. When you work with me, you’ll discover that I’m easy going and pay devoted consideration to detail. I write with your brand in mind.

You’re busy. You need results. I realize that.

You need effective content; I make it.

You have a mountain of outstanding ideas. I connect the dots and build them into substance.

Just inform me of what you need to carry out. I deliver.

About me…

You get what you give. I live by that philosophy.

Most of my story I was a big city lady.

Today, I have the neighbors’ roosters waking me up every dawn. Truth to power, hens clacking in a garden at dawn is inspiring.

My rescue cats, Lucie, and Riri are my workmates. My professional studio and office are at my home in the beautiful district of Wellington County, Ontario, Canada.

I multi-task. One of the learned behaviors raising children and being corporate for over 40 years. I have learned how to juggle, and I juggle well.

I believe in honesty. Do business with me, and you know all the punches going in. There will be no surprises.

Reach out to me. I am sure I can help. ~ Shay

About The Buzz Roll

The Buzz Roll offers web and social media branding. We provide copywriting services, website design, press releases, and PR for the music and entertainment industry, craft and culinary artisans, and authors.

We offer web services such as domain registration, domain transfers, hosting, SSL, and other crucial integrations. Send in an inquiry for a customized quote or bulk pricing.

We believe and support fair pricing and business practices. To us, the client is more important than our profit margins. We work with you.