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What We Do

The Buzz Roll supports musicians, artists, authors, and culinary artisans and their creative teams with public relations (PR), media outreach, and creative services.

Our creative side provides blogging/copywriting services, website design, and earned media publicity & releases with a defined focus to up your brand and visibility in your markets to where you want it to be.

Our technical side is web services such as domain registration, domain transfers, hosting, SSL, and other crucial integrations. These costs are kept low to ensure our customers don’t pay for web services with their last loaf of bread.

We Are Content Generators

Excellent content is essential on online platforms. Well-written copy invigorates, engages curiosity, and moves your products.

We use basic SEO guidelines and write specialty content on your niche. With Google’s recent algorithm updates, quality outweighs quantity.

“Better content is outweighing more content.” –  Rand Fishkin

Good copywriting creates reader enthusiasm by identifying the strongest angle to sell your business. The style of composing that serves you, your particular identity, style, and business.

People are visual beings. Content is visual. Words have the power to make your piece more than it appears to be. Words can express themselves in ways deeper than anyone can ever imagine. The right words can push the right buttons and create the results intended. Think sale, conversion, subscribing, downloading your music or e-book, or simply sharing.

When done well, a post can reach farther through shares given how much attention people put on social media platforms. Through sharing your business reaches a new audience, eager to take in the information you provide. Written well, your posts have the same effect on the new audience, and the cycle begins again: affect, share, repeat.

Great copywriting “reads” great. It brings an extraordinary approach to readers. Content that consumers can identify with increases commitment.

Just putting up a site is bare bones.

Design Niches

What We Do

About Shay

I am a freelance journalist. I specialize in generating content that will stimulate traffic, that leads readers and breaks out on social media.

With over 40 years in freelance writing, marketing, and media, I  recognize how to brand through content.

I help people get things done with words. When you work with me, you’ll discover that I’m easy going and pay devoted consideration to detail. I write with your brand in mind.

You’re busy. You need results. I realize that.

You need effective content; I make it.

You have a mountain of outstanding ideas. I connect the dots and build them into substance.

Just inform me of what you need to carry out. I deliver.

About me…

You get what you give. I live by that philosophy.

Most of my story I was a big city lady.

Today, I have the neighbors’ roosters waking me up every dawn. Truth to power, hens clacking in a garden at dawn is inspiring.

My rescue cats, Lucie, and Riri are my workmates. They keep Jack in line, our Yorkie. My professional studio and office are in my home in the beautiful district of Wellington County, Ontario, Canada.

I multi-task. One of the learned behaviors raising children and being corporate for over 40 years. I have learned how to juggle, and I juggle well.

I believe in honesty. Do business with me, and you know all the punches going in. There will be no surprises.

Reach out to me. I am sure I can help. ~ Shay

Professional organizations I have contributed to through content and freelance writing in my 40 years in media & branding are highlighted visually below. Additional credits include a former radio host, co-founder, chief editor, and journalist for a local digital news hub, chief contributor, and editor of several music blogs, the music industry, corporate and literary websites for clients.

I am a founding member of the Canadian Freelance Guild/CWA. The Canadian Freelance Guild was formerly known as The Canadian Media Guild/CWA. The CFG comprises two groups of freelancers that came together to form a new organization within CWA Canada. Members of the Professional Writers Association of Canada voted in January 2020 to merge with the independent members of the Canadian Media Guild’s freelance branch.

My blog, the buzzr blog, is on Feedspot’s Top 20 Music Marketing Blogs.

Past work & Accomplishments in freelance, media, and journalism.

Why Copywriting is Crucial to Web Presence

Effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimizes your site for search tools. Good copywriting produces a convincing experience for site visitors, yet it is SEO-friendly, high-quality.

You put in the work on your business.

Poor content crushes that arduous struggle if you have an ordinary web presence. Many brilliant people miss this. Excellent copy uses storytelling, delivering content that consumers can absorb quickly. Think, while they are in the tube on the way to work, on a work rest, or waiting in a drive-through route for the morning caffeine.

And, just a fun demo on how our content and design services are web dragons that toast Google.

You, Be a Dragon: Video Production - Shay, The Buzz Roll. Music - Kevin Estrella, Pyramids on Mars.
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Copywriting can dispose of the reluctance to act on a download, a purchase, or sign up a subscription. Copywriting is a keystone for any industry. It translates your business from OK to impressive results.

Want to know more about the value behind professional copywriting?

Public Relations

For content to be ‘clickable’ and attention-grabbing your story must be told in the right way to get those eyeballs and click. If branding that increases engagement is your goal, trust your content to a member of the media.

Journalists tell stories that invoke people to act, purchase, follow, and subscribe.

Generating consistent content written to earn trust makes the interactions you have with a potential booking agent, a promoter, and fans impactful. Your message creates action and doesn’t fall flat.

Often the person who could tip mass support for your music and brand is a mere degree or two of separation away.

Social media has made storytelling more essential. On par with hiring the right guitarist, singer, and drummer for your band, an experienced journalist creates content that is connecting, SEO, responsive, and competitive.

Press Releases

The benefit of being in media for over 40 years is a strong network to get your news out. As a freelancer, I also was at the same time forging a successful corporate career in business, film finance, and the investment industry.

I have an organic network that reaches radio stations, print, and digital media, social influencers, and mid to high traffic bloggers. My reach is throughout Canada and the United States.

Indie Music Reviews


Shay is the chief contributor to the buzzr blog. Artists, bands, and venues are welcome to submit their new releases, news items, and fan updates. To support the passion and magic of Canadian music, reviews selected to be featured on the blog are done on a complimentary basis.

SEO | Web & Social Media


Being able to tell your story is one of the most important steps in being able to book shows, secure sponsorships, get a booking agent/manager, receive press, and even to get on a label.

This type of action applies to all businesses. We create a consistent and cohesive message that tells your story across all social platforms will increase engagement, such as sales or subscriptions to your music band, business, or stand-alone projects.

Domains & Hosting


In 2020 we added on the technical side of our business to provide low-cost web services such as domain registration, domain transfers, hosting, SSL, and other crucial integrations. These costs are kept low to ensure our customers don’t pay for web services with their last loaf of bread. The fact is, websites need integrations to make them work effectively. Our customers benefit from our in-house inventory of these at little to no cost.

We are not a corporate giant like Go Daddy, yet we offer the same level of regulation, authority, and services through our provider Enom, who is registered with ICANN regulators.

Built for speed. Up to 3x faster than competitors | World’s best control panel. Powered by cPanel with Cloudlinux |1-click installs | Over 300 apps, including WordPress and Drupal | Canadian geolocation. Servers on the Canadian East and West Coast | 24/7 expert help to give you the help you need, when you need it | Built-in security to keep your site safe from hackers & malware.

Domain Hosting $7.99* *12 months commitment. Forever. Yes, that is right – forever.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

The Buzz Roll has partnered with an industry expert on pay-per-click advertising to help you achieve your pay-per-click advertising goals. We design, manage, and audit the progress of Facebook, Google Ads, and LinkedIn.


Over 200 endorsements on LinkedIn for publicity, marketing, writing, social media, social media marketing

“I have been using many platforms for promoting my tribute to my craft for many years. I have also developed my own websites done by my own Social media, and much more. Shay is the 1st  person that shares my brain.  Over many years I’ve never let anybody do anything on my websites or promotions. I’ve been able to feel comfortable letting her do what she does best, and I’m just going to tell you it’s amazing. She is not only is amazing at what she does she also presents an extreme amount of integrity commitment and dedication and continually has outdone herself. From the bottom of my heart, she has been my angel sent from above to take me to the next level and if you want somebody to do the same for you, look no further.”

Peter Phillips, Tim McGraw Tribute

“I published a novel and had no idea how to build a branded website from one piece of creation. I am in the process of writing my second novel. Shay designed and developed a site that is creative, outstanding, and well above what I see in my peers.”

Arthur Douglas, Author