Cup of Java Rundown

The Buzz Roll Media has two sides – creative & technical.

Our creative side is blogging/copywriting, website design, and PR. We work directly with artists or with their creative team. Our technical side is providing low-cost crucial web integrations such as domain registration. We offer hosting. We keep these costs low to ensure our customers don’t pay for web services with their last loaf of bread.
Excellent content is essential on online platforms. Well-written copy invigorates, engages curiosity, and moves your products. We use basic SEO guidelines and write specialty content on your niche. With Google’s recent algorithm updates, quality outweighs quantity.
Good copywriting creates reader enthusiasm.
People are visual beings. Content is visual. Words have the power to make your web presence more than it appears to be. The right words can push the right buttons and create the results intended. (Think sale, conversion, subscribing, downloading your music or e-book, or sharing.)
When done well, a post can reach far through shares. Written well, your posts have the same effect on the new audience. And the cycle begins again: affect, share, repeat.
Putting up a site is bare bones.