Cup of Java Rundown

The Buzz Roll Media provides written content for blogs, social media, and web sites.
The content  is branded in your name, commonly called ‘ghost writing’. 
Well-written copy invigorates and engages curiosity. It sells you. 
The right words create the results intended. (Think sharing, streaming, subscribing, downloading your music or e-book, or sharing.)
What’s Our Buzz partner with our podcasts & blog to support independent music. Here we leverage over 40 years in media.

Shay is a media professional with over four decades of branding & marketing experience. She develops effective & viable digital marketing strategies for digital media, artists & bands.

Submission to the best blogs, podcasts, playlists & influencers. Bold web-optimized multi-channel platform branding. 
It is the paid promotion & marketing side of The Buzz Roll Media. We provide creative services, promotion and media outreach. Simply, sensible & sustainable marketing for indie artists & bands.
We are here because of our passion for independent music & artists. We work within your budget, timelines & goals. 
A daily blog featuring independent music. This is a free promotional blog available to all independent artists. Submit here
thebuzzr indie podcast broadcasts on Mondays & Tuesdays. Special Broadcasts run Wednesdays. The pod features all indie music, covering worldwide indie artists & bands. This is a free promotional podcast for all independent artists. Submit here
Offbeat Stuff. All Music. Nothing taboo! I bore this podcast from the need to have a space to drop recent releases at will. It has grown into a show with unique and talented industry guests & topics. This is a free promotional podcast for all artists & industry guests. Submit Submit here